5 Packing Essentials For Any Surf Adventure

When heading off on any surf adventure you’re head is firmly focused on the goal – warm water (usually!), waves, fun and all round good times. But if you want to make the most of your trip you need to be prepared – so here are our top 5 essentials for any surf trip…

1) Wax – wax is like white gold to any surfer – be it a day trip or an adventure so make sure you’re stocked up. Investing in the right wax for your trip is important too – no point heading to Indonesia with cold water wax! A good few blocks in your board bag will make sure you’ll stick your feet and nail those turns.

2) Ding Repair Kit – there’s nothing worse than dinging your board, except dinging your board on a surf trip…in the middle of nowhere….when the surfs pumping. Investing in a ding repair kit will not only save you money, it’ll save a few surf sessions too. A quick dry in the sun and many small ding can be no worries after 30 mins. Bigger repairs might need a shapers helping hand but most dings and knocks can be self healed.

3) Spare Leash – lets admit it, surfing without a leash is not only dangerous but most average surfers don’t have the skills to pull it off anyway. With that in mind make sure you have a back up in your bag. You don’t want to be hunting around for one when you could be out back with your buddies enjoying a session.

4) Fin Key – these little buggers ALWAYS go missing. Treat them as if you were Frodo – protect them at all costs and don’t let them out of your possession! They’ll only set you back about a quid so add one to your keys and keep a spare somewhere safe. Especially when you’re frantically unpacking your board after a long haul flight wanting to paddle out ASAP.

5) First Aid Kit – although usually pretty safe surfing can result in a few injuries – sea urchins in your foot, reef scrapes, sprained ankles…ok so there’s a few things that can go wrong! Packing a basic first aid kit is always good for travelling – surfing or not – and having tweezers, posters, antiseptic wipes and a couple bandages is always good to have in your kit. Always better to be safe than sorry!


Anything you always pack for a surf trip?