Surf Adventures


Surfing is one of the ultimate travelling sports – where beautiful cultures meet picturesque scenery, inviting clear waters and a taste for adventure.

And that’s what any surf adventure aims to deliver – the perfect combination of all the above in the hunt for amazing waves, good times and happy vibes.

Many gap year surf adventures also offer the added extras of really exploring a country into the mix too. Rather than simply spending all day, everyday on the beach they understand that your arms will need a rest from time to time and that why not spend those days getting under the skin of the country you’re in, exploring it a bit more and really making your surf trip something special?

Whether you’re island hopping in Indonesia, road tripping your way up the South African coast or kicking back on the jungle fringed beaches of Coast Rica there’s plenty of option for every time frame, budget and taste.

So grab that board, hop on a plane and paddle out somewhere with the sun on your back!



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