Surf Instructor Courses


The best way to get into a career in surf coaching is to gain an internationally recognised qualification – such as and ISA or ASI certification – and the easiest way to sort this is to enrol in a surf instructor training course.

For those with surf experience already they can be done in the UK and combined with a surf lifesaving award – however you’ll need to make sure you meet the level of surfing required to pass.

If you’re looking at taking a gap year or simply want to combine it with an amazing surf holiday there are a few amazing surf instructor training courses you might want to check out. Dubbed ‘zero to hero’ courses they take people with little or no surf experience and coach them to the standard needed for the examination.

Is it possible to achieve that within 10 weeks?

The amount of water time certainly allows for a shortening of the learning curve and if you go in with a ┬ásolid mindset then it’s easily done.

The benefit of many of these courses is the fact you get to practice and hone your skills everyday and they include photo and video analysis throughout – meaning after a fun day in the water you can chat through what was going well, what needed to be improved and then you can implement it all the next day or simply after lunch!

The 10 weeks courses take in some of the most beautiful surf locations on the planet and are often combined with heaps of travel so if you’re keen on surfing, have a love for adventure and want to work in the surf industry they’re a solid option no matter what you age or surf skills.



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